Cumulative Probability Chart

Cumulative Probability Plot

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Cumulative Probability Chart

Cumulative Probability Plot (up to 5 series)

This online tool helps you to create cumulative probability chart from your data. To do this, sort your data in ascending order. Next,  calculate percentile rank from your data. The smallest number in your data has the smallest percentile. Then  plot your sorted data versus percentile rank.

You can do it easily in Excel. However, this useful web tool can help you to build cumulative probability chart up to 5 series, instantly, all in one chart!  So you can compare your data side-by-side. This chart is also called percentile rank plot. We build this web tool using jquery and JavaScript plot. We have tested this web tool using Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE.

Definition of percentile rank. A percentile rank is typically defined as the proportion of scores in a distribution that a specific score is greater than or equal to. For instance, if you received a score of 90 on a math test and this score was greater than or equal to the scores of 80% of the students taking the test, then your percentile rank would be 80. You would be in the 80th percentile.

How to use this tool?

    1. Input your data (up to 5 series) in provided text area. You don’t need to sort your data.
    2. Label your data by changing series name.
    3. Hit Reset Scale (optional) to clear axis scales. If these input scales are empty, tool will use minimum and maximum numbers from your data.
    4. You can rename axis labels. Plot will be updated automatically as you type axis label or change scale.

In this tool we provided example showing initial production of 300 wells from 5 different operators. Total data in this example 1500 points. You can use this tool to analyze percentile rank of your own data. Try it now!

Tips: You do not need to sort your data when using this tool. Numbers with comma thousand separators are allowed. This tool has been tested up to 15,000 points (3,000 points for each series). Let us know if you are able to use this tool with more than 15,000 data points. Show values of data point when hovering your mouse over a data point on a chart.

Link to web-based tool: Cumulative Probability Plot

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We advise you to read our Disclaimer before utilizing this tool. If you find our tool useful or easy to use, please consider donating a few bucks through Paypal or please take the time to share this site to your colleagues.

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  1. vijaysin2000 2 years ago

    Where is the download link?

  2. Petroleum Goodies 2 years ago

    This is a web tool, there is no download link. You can use it online.

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