Excel XY Chart Labeler

Quick Excel XY Chart Labeler

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Excel XY Chart Labeler

Quick Excel XY Chart Labeler

excel xy chart labeler

Excel XY Chart Labeler

This Excel add-ins from Application Professionals is very helpful when you want to label your data point in Excel chart. Using this tool you don’t have to put label one by one to your data points.

How To Install Excel XY Chart Labeler

Download and extract the attachment below. Close your Excel before run the XYChartLabeler.exe setup file. Once you’ve installed the chart labeler you should see a new sub-menu called XY Chart Labels below the Excel Tools menu. If you are running Excel 2007 this menu will be located on the Add-Ins tab. If you don’t see the XY Chart Labels menu, see the Troubleshooting section from the author website.

How To Use Excel XY Chart Labeler

  1. Click Add Chart Labels from Excel menu Tools – XY Chart Labels.
  2. Select the data series you want to label,
  3. Specify the range that you want to use as labels,
  4. Set the position where the labels will be placed in relation to the data points.

Note that the number of cells you select as your label range must be exactly the same as the number of data points in the selected data series.

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