Horizontal Well Toe Direction

Visualize Horizontal Well Toe Direction

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Horizontal Well Toe Direction

Visualize Horizontal Well Toe Direction Quickly

horizontal well toe direction quickly

The objective of this tool is to visualize horizontal well toe direction using horizontal well deviation survey. Yes you can do easily if you have less well. What if you have more than 1000 wells? This tool can save your time! Once we plot directional survey data, we can determine the following information:

  • Horizontal length
  • Toe direction
  • Average depth of horizontal section

How to use:

  1. Select well you want to analyze using scroll button or alternatively, type Well Number (not Well Code) in yellow cell.
  2. Use “Run Batch” button to run multiple well selections.
  3. Update your well list if you have new survey data added from new well.

How to update/change database:

  1. Put your survey data into sheet “Survey”. Required colums: Well Code, Well Name, MD, TVD, DIP, TVDSS, X COORD, Y COORD. Please put them to the same column like in this tool.
  2. Enjoy the tool!


Assumptions may vary depending your needs. The following assumptions apply to the tool.

  • Horizontal length – calculated from heel to toe. heel defines where dip start >88 deg. This also applies to define category for well landing position and toe direction.
  • Toe direction – calculated from average dip of horizontal section from heel to toe. Dip ranges between 90 +/-0.5 deg is called flat.

Version Updates:

  • Version 1: first release Feb 2012


  • All data provided in this tool are not real and not related to any company.
  • To enable copy from Excel range to Powerpoint, you have to add Ms. PowerPoint object library from VBA editor. Click Tools – References and select Microsoft PowerPoint Object Library as shown below, then hit OK. See previous Excel tool that shows you how to add this object library.
  • Stay tune on this website to get next tool on how to visualize horizontal well landing position easily.

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