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excel petroleum engineering calculations

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Petroleum Engineering Calculations

Excel Petroleum Engineering Calculations

This is very useful Excel functions that are commonly being used in petroleum engineering calculations. These functions are built in an Excel add-in. This tool consists of formulas and calculations on PVT correlations, pipe flow, and table lookup/interpolation.

There is a help file that explains formula calculation such as description of the function and syntax how to use it. It doesn’t have equations written in the help file. But you still can look for it in the reference.

This Excel add-in is written in Visual Basic for Application. Unfortunately, it’s password protected so you can’t see the equations to ensure if the calculation works properly. But it is a good idea to try using this tool as it could save you a lot of hassles and time

How To Use This Excel Add-in

  1. Download zipped file from the following download link and extract the file to your local drive.
  2. From Microsoft Excel menu, click Tool, Add-Ins and then browse the extracted file. The file name is Epecvb.mod.xla. We’ve tested this add-in using Microsoft Excel 2003 for Windows.
  3. Since this is an Excel add-in, there is no user interface. To use this tool, go to Insert then Functions from your Excel menu.

Use VBA macro? Yes

Download Excel Add-in for PE Calculations

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We advise you to read our Disclaimer before utilizing this tool. If you find our tool useful or easy to use, please consider donating a few bucks through Paypal or please take the time to share this site to your colleagues.

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13 Responses to “Petroleum Engineering Calculations”

  1. Abed Mazeel 3 years ago

    which is for the oil shrinkage factor calculator?

    Thank you

  2. admin 3 years ago

    Hi Abed, have you tried this tool?

  3. jorge bracamontes 3 years ago

    Very good site

  4. TEXWS6 3 years ago

    Have added this in Excel as an “Add On” but cannot find the buttons or options to run this in Excel 2007.

  5. admin 3 years ago

    Hi TEXW56, this is an Excel add-in, no user interface. To use this tool, go to Insert then Functions from your Excel menu.

  6. chriscais 3 years ago


    i have a vba code which references functions in this add-in. however, when i try to add the epecvb.mod.xla as a reference to the modules, i get a 400 error (excel 2010, windows 7). Can you help?


  7. admin 3 years ago

    Hi chriscais, can you send a screenshot of the 400 error to petrogoodies[at]

  8. chriscais 3 years ago

    thanks for getting back to me – problem solved, i managed to get it working in a new sheet, the error was ocurring in an old version.

  9. jituparekh 3 years ago


  10. MOHA 3 years ago

    i can see the file on add in menu. but nothing came out!! please help. m.alajeel at

  11. iskander 2 years ago

    does this add-in work in Excel 2010?

  12. supnit 2 years ago

    BY seeing the functions I cant identify what is to use for what. Is there any help file??

  13. bakualaska 10 months ago

    How do I connect the .hlp file with the functions ?


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